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Candy Blast
Candy Blast literally is the sweetest chain-reaction puzzle game, once you get started, you won't stop. In the game you have to kill pastries, which shoot in 4 directions, starting the chain-reaction. Everyone will be trapped by this game. You can start, but you'll never be able to stop. This is a very addictive puzzle game. The combination of beautiful arts and challenging levels. - PLAY through over 1200 levels of Candy Blasting - FIND the correct places to start the chain - Crush only one sweety, and it will blast the others, so you can make a huge chain-reaction - COMPETE against your friends for the top score - Skip the level if You can't made it - Collect the stars. If You dodn't collect enought stars, you can't go to the next package (you can see the requirements at the top of the level selection) *** ADDICTIVE GAME FEATURES *** - Cool game based on delicious pastries - Super awesome graphics - Great sound effects and music - Leaderboards - Achievements PS.: Recommended for diabetics...
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Get CRACKHEAD and enter the ultimate 2D breakout challenge. Exclusive to Steam with unique and fun game modes including a level editor.Can you complete each game mode without cracking your head?...
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Let's Draw
Let's Draw is a drawing game for everyone especially children ... Key Features - Tools List : 1. Pencil 2. Brush 3. Paint 4. Paint Roller 5. Paint Can 6. Stamp 7. Eraser 8. Hand - Bezier Path for Smooth Lines - Zoom IN/OUT - 14 Colors - Trash with Confirm Dialog - 2D Sprites Used - 14 Sprites per Tool - Scrollable Lists - Scrollable shapes selector - Drawing Shapes - Draw saving between Shapes - Screenshot Print & Export will be added with updates...
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Fiends of Imprisonment
Randy's country went to war with the world's nuclear super power. Their enemies have captured a group of over 900 soldiers and are threatening to kill them all... They've put them in to a military imprisonment... a heavily guarded one... sounds familiar? The government asked Randy... They begged him... It was obvious that he was their only hope! Will you save their souls? Will you follow Randy one last time? Through HELL and back? Find those prisoners and beat their Fiends of Imprisonment....
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The Last Hope
ACHIEVEMENTS are now available!!!Since the release of the game, a lot of users, asked me about steam achivements. Because of some problems with game engine, achivements couldn't be realized But today i'm happy to annonce that 10 game achivements are available for all!!! - How hard is to get them? - From Very easy to Hard, it's VERY EASY http://steamcommunity.com/stats/522570/achievementsAbout the GameYou are a scientist who was working on the development of a time machine. When the experiment began, a wormhole was formed and mankind and most of wildlife disappeared. Now you are humanity's last hope because you the last man alive. Your mission is to find the time machine .Therefore you will have to explore Russia, Germany, Norway, Egypt, U.S. ,Mars and Moon. Use portals because these can teleport you in differents ages from the Age of the Dinosaurs to our Era. But a problem that you will face is to survive. You will have to find resources like fish, fruits, beer , vodka, water because these will help you to stay alive. Also transport like cars, boats, airplanes and rockets will help you to travel faster. Save the mankind and became it's president! Key features: • Travel through different Eras of time; • Find resources like fruits,fish,beer,water and more that will help you to stay alive; • Explore countries like Germany,Russia,US,Norway,Egypt,United Kingdom; • Travel with the rocket through space especially on Moon and Mars; • Be pilot,driver or sailor; • Face different kinds of creatures; • Save the mankind and become its president. • Beautiful soundtrack(each country include up to 6 music specify to that country)...
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Why So Evil
ABOUT THE GAME• It's hard, really hard, incredibly hard• No saving (saving and continue option only in practice mode)• No checkpoints• This game is pure evil• It will find a way to kill you on every move• It's not if you can beat it but how far you can getWe feel like gamers deserve some real challenge after playing games that hold your hand and show you every little secret for years and years, auto save every 5 minutes and try to appeal to masses by being noob friendly.FEATURES• 50 levels• 10 platforms to play on• Different weather conditions• 10 challenging secrets• Realistic fog, rain and physics• High resolution texturesEXPANSIONS AND DLC• There will be NO expansions or DLC, we call that an update...
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Why So Evil 2: Dystopia
WHY SO EVIL AGAIN • It's hard, maybe even harder than the first one • It will find new ways to kill you on your every move • 20 unique in-game achievements • 50 levelsThis is a sequel of an indie game Why So Evil. You have to change the color of your cube to match the color of platforms or walls featured in the game. Fast thinking and reflexes are required in order for you to survive all the traps and the attacks of your enemies. It will try to surprise you on your every move, and most probably succeed. And when you think you have finally won and you are safe, something will go wrong and make your little world a living hell. This game is specially made for people who want some real challenge, so don't get disappointed if you die, even on the first few levels. Be quick and resourceful and enjoy yourself....
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Panda Love
You have to play for a panda, collect coins to have enough money for a bouquet of flowers, which he is going to give his girlfriend. You will have obstacles in your path that you need to overcome....
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The Growth Journey
A game about permanent growth. Once you grow, you cannot shrink. Hitting something means death. There are blue colored zones, (grow zones) each letting you grow a fixed number of times (displayed inside the zone) by a certain percentage. And then there are green colored zones, (gates) which will only let you through if you are of a certain size. (displayed inside the gate) So growing up has its advantages and disadvantages....
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Snake Party
Hi! This is Bob. He wants to play!Snake Party is a multiplayer game where the player maneuvers a dot that leaves a trail (a.k.a. "Snake"). Based on the concept of classical snake games it enhances the atmosphere, featuring multiple snakes competing against each other. The goal is, to win against the other player's snakes by fooling them with fake strategies and quickly reacting to dangerous situations. You gain points whenever a fellow player hits an obstacle before you do.The controls are fully customizable, just as the number of rounds.This is the ultimate party game because it needs no long explanations, no special system requirements, and can be played by up to six people on the same computer! Players choose their own colors, type in their names and the game party is ready to go....
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